Easy to use        Easy to store        High heat output   

Briqs_    Briquettes are an environmentally friendly alternative to coal, logs, coke or charcoal. The Briquettes are made form 100% natural
   virgin wood, FSC certified and contain no additives. They are easily combustible and suitable for burning in multi-fuel stoves, log burners
    and open fireplaces. They produce minimum levels of ash and have moisture content less than 10% resulting in greater heat output. 


  • 96 packs per pallet
  • 12 Briquettes per pack
  • 1 pack weighs 10kg
  • Total pallet weight 960kg
  • Moisture Max 10% (CEN / TS 14774)
  • Ash max 0.5% (CEN / TS 14775)
  • The level of dust max is 1% below 3.15 mm at the factory (FCA)
  • Net Calorific Value 17GJ / mt (CEN / TS 14918)
  • The pallet size is 1200x800mm and of good quality
  • Packages on pallets are packed in polyethylene film with plastic cover sheet
  • Single Briquette size 150x60mm


  • easy to use
  • long burning
  • easy and clean to store inside
  • easy and convenient combustion
  • multi-use (stoves, log burners, open fireplaces)
  • easy to split by hand to fit smaller stoves
  • low ash residue
  • low moisture content less than 10% resulting in greater heat output
  • easy to handle packs
  • 100% recycled and ecological product
  • hygienic product, without the firewood inconveniences
  • conforms to EN
How to order:
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