Easy to use      Easy to store       High heat output


Briquettes are an environmentally friendly alternative to coal, logs, coke or charcoal. The heat output of a single pallet of briquettes is equivalent to 8m³ of seasoned logs, a saving of approximately 40%.  The briquettes are made form 100% natural virgin wood, FSC certified and contain no additives.  They are easily combustible and suitable for burning in multi-fuel stoves, log burners and open fireplaces.  They produce minimum levels of ash and have moisture content less than 10% resulting in greater heat output.
Each 10kg tightly sealed pack comprises 6 briquettes, which are easy to handle and stack, requiring very little storage space.  A pallet of briquettes holds 96 packs or 576 briquettes in total.  Each briquettes is 70mm x 70mm x 300mm in length and can easily be split by hand to fit smaller stoves.


Product:                 Premium grade quality virgin timber briquettes with no additives
Ash content:           <1%
Moisture content:    <10%
Calorific value:        4900 kWh/ton

  • easy to use
  • long burning
  • easy and clean to store inside
  • easy and convenient combustion
  • multi-use (stoves, log burners, open fireplaces)
  • easy to split by hand to fit smaller stoves
  • low ash residue
  • low moisture content less than 10% resulting in greater heat output
  • easy to handle packs
  • 100% recycled and ecological product
  • hygienic product, without the firewood inconveniences
  • conforms to EN specifications
What our customers say:

"Great speedy service, the briquettes are easy to handle & store and give off a huge amount of heat.  Great to have such little ash and very convenient compared to lugging larger volumes of logs in!"  Carl

"UK Wood Pellets briquettes are excellent value for money and produce an extraordinary amount of heat.  I have both an open fire and a wood burning stove and use the briquettes in both and am most impressed at the amount of warmth they generate and how long they last.  I would recommend them to anyone who has an open fire or wood burner either on their own or as a supplement to using logs."  Collette

How to order:

To place an order or to discuss your requirements, please either complete the enquiry form, email us at or call 07792 535581.



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